Choose Your Path To Authenticity

Choose Your
Path To Authenticity

Authentic individuals generally live a happy life. Do you?

Authenticity for individuals

People say that when you become an adult, you unlock all the benefits in the world. No more stressful classes or exams, no more curfews, no more being told what to do.

The sweet illusion of freedom. But the one benefit we did have as children was that we had contagious confidence in what we loved to do. When we discovered our gifts, we glowed brightly enough to blind others. No one could remove the smiles from our faces because we had found what made us happy.

But then the world made us insecure about ourselves and dependant on others, so we lost that spark along the way. We lost the confidence that made us feel like we could fly. We even find it hard to pull a genuine smile too. Maybe you feel your dream is too far in the past that you cannot reach it.

But the great thing is that leaving behind your dreams is like throwing a boomerang; no matter how many times you try to leave it behind, it will keep coming back to you in different ways until you are ready to accept it and welcome back the person you used to be.

Everyone is destined for greatness in many ways, whether there’s a message you need to share, a song to sing, a book you need to write, a dance to choreograph, a community for you to help or something else you need to do.

What makes your heart pound with delight?

What keeps you getting up every day, wanting to do more and more of?

What is the passion that knocks at your heart? The one you’ve tried to ignore?

No more hiding. No more excuses. No more pretending to be someone else. It’s time you listened to the knocking in your heart and become your authentic self!


By accepting your Authenticity, you will find that many aspects of your life will improve dramatically. You will gain:

  • Confidence in your decision-making skills
  • An unbreakable identity
  • Renewed values
  • Better relationships
  • Wholistic balance
  • More abundance
  • Career satisfaction
  • Purpose
  • Better communication

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Authentic individuals generally live a happy life. Do you?

Authenticity for Organizations

An organization is made up of its employees as well as the leader themselves. Yet, the quantity is more in demand than the quality of the people who make up the company.

Often, the problem with organizations is that people are not engaged; research says that only 32% of people working today are engaged at work. Many come for the paycheck, produce marginal work and only tolerate co-workers.

In an environment that doesn’t encourage creativity and individuality, it’s understandable why employees are not passionate because they don’t receive anything in return, whether it be praise or recognition.

They’re not motivated enough to stimulate any real growth towards the company because organizations require workers, not creative intellectuals who can bring fresh and exciting perspectives to their company.

When hard-earned degrees are thrown out of the window and employees are forced to work overtime, they don’t feel obliged to contribute anything else other than their time.

If you want to create a productive and passionate workplace environment for employees as an organization, you must make it a priority for employees to:

  • Enjoy coming to work because they can use their natural gifts and talents in the workplace.
  • Feel they are respected for who they are and what they contribute.
  • Appreciate the people they work with.
  • Align their work with their personal goals in life.

But for this to work, it is essential to have an Authentic leader for your organization. Sustainable change takes place when team members have the experience of being led by leaders who observe, encounter and undergo their work professionally.

You need leaders who can engage the room and empower the team members to bring their best versions to work.

This transformational experience of Authentic Leadership can only be effective when leaders are knowledgeable about themselves, the gifts they bring to the table, the experiences that they create, how they interact with their teams, how they lead and where they are vulnerable.  

Self-aware, authentic leaders have the ability to engage their teams to create the type of success the organization is striving for – this is done with mutual respect, comradery and enthusiasm.

If you wish to achieve this type of environment as well as an Authentic Leader in your organization, then Norma can introduce Authenticity to your organization.


How does it work?
The process involves:

  • Consultation to understand current goals and challenges.
  • Administer the Authenticity assessment (s).
  • Customize a training or coaching plan.
  • Implement the plan.

The training or coaching plan can be for a single day or span across a specific period of time. It can also include one person or an extensive train-the-trainer program.

The starting point is understanding your challenge(s) and adopting the questions on the Organization Authenticity assessment to those needs. From there, the changes you need to implement will become clear.

Organizations we work with include:

  • Community
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government
  • Non-profit

To help build a customized plan for you and the employees of your organisation to enroll into our university and have a direct coach conducting sessions every month for your company, then arrange a call below!

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inspire the world by being an Agent of Authenticity

Agents of Authenticity

Finding, living and sharing their authentic voice. We are speakers, coaches, authors, parents, teachers and entrepreneurs who want to be a catalyst to positive transformation. We do this by learning and teaching concepts of the Authenticity grid as often as possible.

By becoming an Agent, we are learning to understand and share the Authenticity grid that took Norma 30 years to develop. We integrate our platform with Authenticity and offer coaching, presentations and events to inspire others to be their authentic self.

Learn the experiences from some of our new graduates below:


Want to become an advocate of Authenticity?
As an Agent of Authenticity, you will gain in-depth information about the Authenticity grid, how to administer and interpret it, and its value in multiple environments.

This is a certification program with four levels of involvement. You can learn to be a facilitator, coach, trainer or commissioner of the Authentic Voice System.

If you are seeking a network of people to interact with and have a passion to make a difference in the world, schedule a conversation with Norma and consider becoming one of the Agents of Authenticity.

To be eligible you either need to have completed and graduated from our Authenticity University, or have had direct coaching from Norma for atleast 12 months. 

If you are ready, get started by booking below!

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Listen To What My Students Have To Say!

Success Stories

I recommend Norma as a person who can connect with all walks of life. Someone who can inspire even the most stubborn minds to look inside themselves to better their lives and those around them.


Norma’s eloquence in delivery, her respect for diversity of her audience, and her use of her own experience to tell a story that is linked to the key learning of her messages was so well received.

The time spend this morning in self-reflection and exploration of our authenticity has created a “buzz” within our County team. We all walked away more aware of ourselves and focused on how to leverage our individual gifts to strengthen our inner, outer, and expressive voice! Very powerful and moving morning!


The personal impact – I felt like Norma was speaking to each of us individually. Truly inspiring. A++

Judith Still, Administrator, Newaygo Medical Care Facility

Self-awareness is important to me. The older I get the more I want to understand why I do the things I do. Having a guideline like this will help me to continuously evaluate any joy status.

Vernon Solomon, Mechanical Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corporation

What Norma addresses is what every leader needs to pay attention to. You can’t lead if you don’t know yourself.


This was a great opportunity to assess my life, an opportunity that I rarely give myself.

Joseph Mouawrd, Engineer, Northrup Grumman

Norma has a great ability to connect with everyone regardless of age, sex, social class. I feel everyone was able and willing to look inside which doesn’t always happen in our line of work. I recommend Norma as a person who can connect with all walks of life. Someone who can inspire even the most stubborn minds to look inside themselves to better their lives and those around them.

Darren Perora, Supply Chain Specialist, Northrup Grumman