The Authenticize by
Dr. Norma Hollis process
Transforms People’s Lives,
in Authentic Ways

Dr. Norma Hollis

people’s lives,
in Authentic ways

Dr. Norma Hollis is Not Your Average Entrepreneur

With her fearless spirit and unwavering belief in her product, she has embarked on a roller coaster journey in the professional development industry, leading her to her fourth successful business. What sets her apart is that she ventured into entrepreneurship with no prior education in the business world, immediately after directing non-profit programs. This bold move speaks volumes about her determination and faith in her vision.
Throughout her career, Norma's businesses have always been at the forefront of progress and innovation.

As a talented writer, she crafts programs that address the needs of humanity and transforms them into effective training processes. Her first venture involved developing an early childhood assessment process, which proved instrumental in identifying early learning issues. Implementing the program in Detroit and Southfield, MI, as well as Cleveland, OH, Norma made a tangible impact on the lives of countless children.

Now, the Authenticize process is poised to make a mark on corporate America, introducing Norma’s revolutionary concepts to organizations worldwide. 

The Authenticize certification programs will equip coaches, speakers, teachers, leaders, trainers and change agents with knowledge and tools to guide individuals and teams toward embracing their authentic selves.


Having spent over 25 years in business, Norma intimately understands the struggles and challenges that entrepreneurs face. She has weathered the storm and emerged stronger, armed with a wealth of wisdom and experience to share. Norma is a beacon of guidance, teaching leaders and others how to navigate stress, overcome obstacles, prepare for growth, and savor the fruits of their labor. Her insights and practical advice are invaluable resources for those on the entrepreneurial path, as she encourages them to stay focused, persevere, and bring their dreams to fruition.

With her relatable storytelling and down-to-earth demeanor, Norma captivates as she imparts invaluable knowledge, helping leaders find the resilience and determination needed to succeed.


Whether it’s through her books, poetry, classes,
videos and especially when she coaches or speaks on stage,
Norma is naturally gifted at working with energy in a creative, intellectual way.

Her ultimate goal is to share this phenomenal system with
as many segments of society as possible while
certifying others to do the same.

What People Say About Norma

“I don’t know where I can get this level of understanding on any program that I’ve ever been with. It’s metaphysical, psychological, ecological, spiritual, intellectual and everything else. I love it and wouldn’t miss it. It is making me a better person while making me a better speaker.”

Dr. Dexter Russell, D.N.,Health and Environment Expert

“This short examination provides a very interesting assessment tool that gave me insight into myself.”

Dee Emami, HR Manager, County of Ventura, CA

“Before I found Authenticity, my life was not what I wanted it to be. I was looking everywhere for my authentic self. I am now glad to say that I am authentic. I am who I have come here to be, learning more about who I am as a divine individual. Norma’s work with Authenticity has helped me to know who I am at the core of my authentic being.”

Mytecia Myles,Agent of Authenticity

Self-awareness is important to me. The older I get the more I want to understand why I do the things I do. Having a guideline like this will help me to continuously evaluate any joy status.

Vernon Solomon, Mechanical Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corporation

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